Future Sports Stars

Our tournaments are organized and affordable with a fun competitive enviroment for players, coaches and families.  
                                                                                                            FSS  RULES ​ 
Rule 1-PARTICIPATION 1.01 All teams are required to have team insurance. Coaches should understand that this is a huge liability and it is the team coach/manager's responsibility to make sure that your team and all of your players have insurance.
Rule 2-INDIVIDUAL PLAYER & TEAM ELIGIBILITY 2.01 Player Age Eligibility Proof of player's age must be available upon request. Cut-off date for each group is April 30. Players may only play on one team in a tournament. This includes playing in two different age groups. For age division’s 6U-14U, cut-off date is April 30th. Whatever the player's age is on April 30th is the age for the current season-(Example:player turned 12 on his April 30th birthday he plays as a 12u for current season-player must turn 13 on May 1 or after is considered a 13u player) 2.02 If a player if found to be playing illegally based on age, player will be ejected from tournament and team will forfeit. 2.03 If player's age is in question opposing team must file an official protest. Protesting team must do so by calling time and announcing to the umpire that they wish to file an official protest. Protest Cost is $100 and must be paid at the time of the protest 2.04 Team with player being protested must be able to present proof of age of player in question. This must be by photo copy of birth certificate or some legal document. If unable to provide proof and player is found to be playing out of his legal age group the team would then forfeit the game.
Rule 3-RULES OF PLAY 3.01 Bat Rule For age groups 14U and over GHSA approved BBCOR, 14U drop ratio cannot exceed -3 (NOTHING GREATER THAN -3 ALLOWED IN 14U regardless of the stamp) 3.02 Altered Bat-Director/Umpire may at any time ask to inspect a bat that has been brought into playing area. Umpire/Director can at any time declare that a bat is illegal. 3.03 Worn/Abused/Damaged/ Bats will not be allowed in play. 3.04 Damaged bats include those with damage to the knob or end cap. Bats which have loose knobs or end caps. Bats with cracks or dents in the bat material. These bats will be removed from play for safety reasons. 3.05 If team is found to use an illegal bat after bat was removed, the batter will be ruled out and the manager will be ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Rule 4 4.01 In age division’s 6U-12U, NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED-multi sport non-metal can be worn. 13U-18U can wear metal baseball spikes. 4.02 Teams should be in uniforms. No protests on uniforms will be allowed. Tournament Director's will rule uniform legality. 4.03 Catcher must wear protective gear including a catcher's helmet and facemask. Catcher must wear a throat guard-built in extended or separately attached throat guard. Catcher must wear chest protector, catcher shin guards and protective cup. Ages 12 and under helmet must fully cover both ears. 4.04 Batter-double ear-flap batting helmet is required-batter, on deck batter, base runners or players in bullpen playing area must wear helmets as well. Bat boys are not allowed. 4.05 Umpire may issue a warning for helmet violation-if player does not heed warning player may be ejected. 4.06 A coin toss between both teams will determine the home team. This will occur before each pool game. In bracket play the highest seed will be home team.
Rule 5-Line-ups 5.01 Teams may roster bat-bat a nine (9) player line-up, ten (10) player line-up using an Extra Hitter (EH) or continuous line-up. Line-up must be turned in prior to game. Home plate umpire and opposing team should receive a line-up. If team chooses to roster bat players can rotate freely into field without reporting defensive changes (exception would be the pitcher) players must continue to bat in proper order. 5.02 If a team uses a straight nine line-up, starters can be substituted for one time and re-enter game as long as they re-enter in his original spot in batting order. If player reenters the substitute is out for the remainder of the game. 5.03 Ten (10) player line-up, the player in the Additional Hitter position, can rotate defensively in and out of the field freely without reporting it to umpire. (Exception would be as pitcher). 5.04 15U-18U, if the Additional Hitter (AH) is not utilized, the Designated Hitter (DH) used in NFHS (National Federation of High School Association) baseball rules. 5.05 A Designated Hitter must be included on the line-up at the start of the game. If (DH) is not in line-up at the start of the game then team must play remainder of game without a Designated Hitter. 5.06 If a pinch hitter or pinch runner enters for the Designated Hitter (DH) may re-enter into his spot in the batting order. This may happen one time. The substitute that entered for him would be out for the remainder of the game. 5.06B -in event of an injury- player that DH- is batting for may enter into batting order of injured player. DH would then play the field as a defensive player. At this time there would no longer be a Designated Hitter in the line-up. 5.07 Teams may start play and finish an official game with only eight (8) players in the line-up. In this case the 9th spot in the line-up is declared an automatic out each and every this spot comes to bat. If a legal rostered ninth player arrives player can be added to bottom of line-up and enter the game immediately. 5.08 Due to injury a team may continue to play a game with a minimum of eight (8) eligible players. NOTE: when injured player's spot comes time to bat he will be declared an automatic out. Injured player cannot return to game.
RULE 6-THE BATTER, BATTER RUNNER 6.01 Intentional walk may be issued upon announcement from manager, pitcher or catcher. Pitches do not need to be thrown. 6.02 A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner may be a player not presently in the line-up or last recorded out. 6.03 Runner must slide or attempt to avoid contact with the fielder and or catcher. 6.04 Malicious contact may supersede all obstruction penalties. PENALTY: The runner may be called out and could be ejected from the game. This will be at the umpire’s discretion.
RULE 7- THE PITCHER 7.01 Each Coach is responsible for their pitcher. We will not keep up with innings. Please take care of your players.
RULE 8- Modified Rules 8.01 Infield fly rule is enforced 9u-18u 8.02 3rd strike dropped ball 9u-18u 8.03 Leadoffs and steals permitted 9u-18u 8.04 Balks enforced 9u-18u 8.06 NO bunting in 6-7-8u 8.07 7 run limit in 6-7-8u (Run Rule: Mathematically Elimination) 8.08 Base and Pitch Distances 7-8U- 43 Circle, 60 Bases 9-10U- 46 Pitch, 60 Bases 11-12U- 50 Pitch, 70 Bases 13U- 54 Pitch, 80 Bases 14U- 60 Pitch, 90 Bases 8.09 Run Rules 20 after 2, 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5. 8.10 Tournament Director will have final say on all protest and tournament rule interpretation. Player, Coach or Fan Ejection In the case an umpire ejects a player, coach or fan for unruly behavior, the following is expected. 1. The ejected person will immediately leave the area. 2. Play will NOT resume until ejected person has left. 3. Upon umpire’s discretion, if ejected person does not leave in an immediate and timely fashion, the team of the ejected person will be declared the loser of the game 4. If the team of the ejected person is winning at the time of the game being declared over, their game will be recorded as a 1-0 loss. 5. If an ejected coach, player or fan approaches an umpire after the completion of the game, and continues to engage in argumentative behavior, he/she will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.

1. There are nine defensive players on the field with three outfielders.
2. 8u player pitch is closed bases.
  a) There are no lead-offs( stealing base) until the ball crosses the plate.
 b) No balks are enforced or called.
 c)Runners must stay on base when the pitcher  is in the pitching position and the catcher is in the catching position. If the runner leaves the base early, the umpire places the runner back on the last base occupied unless the runner was put out. This is not an appealable play. If forced, the runner advances one base ahead of the batter- runner. If the ball is put into play, the defense has the option of taking the play or placing the runner or runners back on base and the batter back in the batters box.

3. The  Infield fly rule applies.
4. There is no advancement on dropped third strikes.
5. The runner cannot steal home. The only way the runner can advance from third to home is if batted or forced home. If the defense fields the ball and attempts a play on a runner, the runner MAY attempt to advance.
6. Pitching distance will be 46' with 60' bases. 

                                                          RAINOUT REFUND POLICY
                       The  information below will serve as the refund policy for rain outs.
*If you play one game, then the remainder of the games are cancelled due to weather, you will receive a 50% refund on your team's entry fee.
*If you play two games, then the remainder of the games are cancelled due to weather, you will receive a 25% refund on your team's entry fee.
*If you play three games, then the remainder of the games are cancelled due to weather, you will not receive a refund of any amount on your teams' fees.

For ages 12U and under, 3 completed innings is considered a game.
For ages 13U and over, 4 completed innings is considered a game.